Visiting schoolchildren in Periya Palipattu village

Today a few of us went back to the nearby Periya Palipattu village (where our friend Joseph Stalin lives- see earlier post). The last time when Graham and I went so many of the villagers asked us for a pen to write with, so having purchased 50 ball point pens from the Ramana Market I intended to come prepared. As it turned out there was not so much activity that afternoon, in comparison with the festivities of Diwali morning a few days ago. However, we did come upon a school. What better place to stop, say hello to the teachers and schoolchildren, and to give away pens?

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About Unzan Doshin, Mako Voelkel

I am a Soto Zen priest who has lived, worked and practiced at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center for the past ten years.This fall my partner and I have decided to return to the modern world, hopefully with gift-bestowing hands. Our intention is to do some traveling in India and SE Asia for the next year as a way to reenter society, be of service, extend our practice, and gain some perspective. After being cloistered for the entire last decade (both physically and electronically), my hope is that this blog will function as a means to reconnect and share with the wider world.

2 thoughts on “Visiting schoolchildren in Periya Palipattu village

  1. Perfect that you’ve visited a school. I’ll share the story of children needing pens with our students. They have so much, the idea of not having pens in a school will be so foreign to them! Thanks.

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